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Welcome to Proud Lake Dachshunds

I proudly raise my litters using Jane Killion's Puppy Culture program, and highly recommend the DVD for all dog owners. 

I am a small exhibitor and breeder of longhaired dachshunds.  I register with the American Kennel Club, and show in AKC conformation events.  I  strive for improvements in conformation, breed type, health, and temperament with every litter. My goal is to produce exceptional dachshunds, sound in mind and body, and wonderful members of the family.  Please feel free to contact me anytime via email with questions.

Member of Wolverine Dachshund Club

Associate Member of Cascade Dachshund Club

PLEASE BE AWARE-there are scammers out there stealing photos from breeder websites and creating FALSE websites to sell puppies.  These people are not in the United States, and do not actually have puppies.  They are taking the money and then the website disappears and since they are not in the USA, you have no recourse.  DO YOUR RESEARCH, and buy from legitimate breeders or rescues.  Don't fall for the scammers!